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The concept that change will continue to expand throughout the workplace as a result of human intelligence and technology.
Extropic Change
Extropic Change

I’m an experienced change catalyst and programme director who thrives on building, coaching and developing high performance teams, leaving a legacy organisation that dynamically adapts to changing business environments. I get a buzz from taking the Exec vision through to the real behavioural and systemic deliverables and turning them into outcomes that energise passion and engagement in the teams I work with.

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I have hands on experience of delivering successful changes in large corporates, through rapidly changing technologies across all business functions. While I enjoy the thrill of recovering failing programmes or re-engaging teams and finding a way to fix the unfixable, it is better to understand the risks and plan for them at the outset. With almost 30 years’ experience leading change, I appreciate things can go wrong, customers change their minds and risks become reality. When they do, my emphasis is on gaining control, meeting client outcomes and bringing energy & focus to finding repeatable and whole-system based solutions. I support organisations in the following: • Business Change & Transformation - working with organisations to build engaging change strategies & roadmaps. • Programme Management – supporting delivery teams to establish the governance to ensure effective client satisfaction, commercial assurance and org learning. • Sales Operations – I work with sales teams to craft appropriate approval and governance approaches. • Operations Management – supporting leadership teams to develop strategies and plans to embed effective operational systems and processes. • Customer Service Management – helping teams build customer focussed culture. I have worked across many different cultures and countries, delivering complex network infrastructure & IT programmes across Design, Build and Operate lifecycles with budgets of £100m. If you would like to discuss any of the above, please contact me at chris@extropicchange.co.uk, or call 07860 628568